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SINTEC Group is an Italian company involved in the promotion of innovative medical technologies. Through our organization, we distribute the devices of our partners all over Italy.

SINTEC Group is born from the union of two distribution companies operating since many years in the medical device sector - CS Medical and Epion. SINTEC aims to research and promote products with high technical and scientific level.

Thanks to the key people who have always been present within their organizations, both companies have gained substantial market shares and a good reputation for excellence in healthcare and in medical device sales.

SINTEC Group represents the summary of the experience and the features of these two organizations and aims to become a connection point with the most important manufacturing companies in the medical sector and also with innovative foreign start-ups.

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The primary focus is to guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction through their offered services and quality, delivering the best standards in terms of efficacy and reliability.

These are the fundamental values that define our strategy and outline our priorities. These values determine the way we interact with our partners and customers. The analysis of this sector, has shown that in the future the ability to adapt rapidly to structural changes in the market will be increasingly decisive.

In this scenario, the ability of SINTEC Group is to catch relevant signals in advance, thanks to the professional commitment in management and organizational skills, the care of customer relations, the attention for the research of scientific solutions and innovative technology, excellence in distribution chain management and technical and commercial assistance.

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We connect, nurture and preserve life through advanced medical equipment.



SINTEC Group is represented by a qualified management and a specialized staff in continuous training.

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SINTEC GROUP operates across Italy with a strong network of international partners.

Supplying and promoting innovative and advanced medical technologies. Our company distributes the devices of our international partners all over Italy. 

Sintec Group  S.r.l.
Legal Office – Via Santa Lucia, 62, 80132 Napoli
P.Iva 09316171215

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